Why use Vroom2Groom?

Benefits to you and your dog for choosing Vroom2Groom

Vroom2groom provides high quality grooming on a one to one basis with all the modern equipment and products you would expect to find in a luxury dog grooming salon environment.

Every dog in my care is treated as if it were my own. Not only do they look good after stepping out of my magic van, but they feel happy and at ease.

The owners have the convenience of my facilities right on their doorstep.  They can even stay with their pet for a little while until they settle, if they so wish.

Vroom2Groom is the perfect choice for you if you:

  • Are too busy at home or work to make it to a salon.
  • Would like appointments after your work day is finished.
  • Are unable to drive.
  • Elderly or housebound.
  • Have one or more dogs – take advantage of our loyalty scheme.
  • Have your dog groomed regularly – take advantage of our loyalty scheme.
  • Want a hygienic and convenient service with a high standard of care.
  • You do not like the hassle, hair or smell from bathing/ brushing your dog at home.

Vroom2groom is the perfect choice for all dogs and especially for those that are: –

  • Nervous – one to one grooming promotes a much calmer experience for your dog. There are no other distractions i.e. dogs, barking, people and no cages, just a calm warm environment with no distractions.
  • Elderly or arthritic – Vroom2groom will give extra time and care for dogs who have difficulty standing or have any other issues.
  • Puppies – perfect environment to get your little bundle of fluff used to the sights and sounds of a grooming salon in a totally stress-free environment.
  • Not good with other dogs.

My grooming is never rushed to ensure that your dog is comfortable at all times.