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Pre-Groom Health Check

Your dog’s welfare is my number one priority.  I always carry out a health check before any grooming session.  This includes checking for parasites, lumps or bumps, condition of the skin and coat. e.g. eczema, matting.  Please see my de-matting policy.

 I also check the eyes, ears, teeth, nails and paws for anything untoward

At your first appointment you will be requested to fill out and sign a customer care card, stating whether your dog’s vaccinations are up to date, if your dog has any medical conditions I should be aware of and an honest view of the temperament of your dog in a grooming situation.

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Puppy Intro

Your puppy has to get used to the sights and sounds of the big wide world, and the grooming process is an important part of that socialisation process. I would suggest introducing your puppy to grooming as soon as your vaccinations are complete.

This may have to start with just a bath, dry and brush out.  Progressing onto clippers, scissoring, nail clipping etc. at a later stage depending on how your puppy reacts to being handled and all the strange noises!

Prices start FROM £20 depending on size of puppy, coat and styling.

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1 to 1 Consultation1

If your precious pooch is nervous and has not been groomed before, I am happy to come and visit your home for a meet and greet and/or an introduction to my grooming van.  This may involve just sitting with your dog for a while until he/she feels happy with me and I can assess their behaviour. We can then introduce them to the grooming surroundings and equipment before progressing to a bath, dry, brush or full groom.  For some dogs this make take a few sessions before they feel comfortable

These sessions start at £20 per hour.

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1 to 1 dog grooming consultation


This service is ideal for in between full grooms to help keep your dog’s coat in tip top condition and matt free.

Have a luxury warm Hydro bath which penetrates the coat deeply with a shampoo that is appropriate to your dog’s coat.  Lovely warm towels to snuggle into beforehand drying and brushing out using top of the range professional driers and appropriate brushes to remove any remaining loose hair

This also includes a scissor tidy of the face and feet and the hygiene areas cleared as well.

Prices start FROM £20 but will vary depending on breed, size of dog and coat condition

Please contact me for a personalised quote or Book An Appointment.


As “bath & tidy” with the following additional extras:

  • Pawdicure – includes nail clipping, tidying the pads and where necessary applying specialised paw balm.

Nail clipping should be carried out regularly as overgrown nails can become painful for dogs and lead to health issues.

Pads should be cleared to help your dog’s grip. Also in between the pads need to be kept matt free to prevent infection.  Some pads can become dry and cracked especially in cold weather.  A regular paw balm treatment may be necessary to help prevent this. Also good for noses!

  • Hygiene areas cleared
  • Ear/Eye Cleaning

Some ears may need plucking as excessive hair can lead to infections.

  • Full Styling of body and head

A combination of clipping and scissoring to achieve the required finish.  This can be to breed standard or to your specific requirements.

A full groom is recommended every 6-8 weeks with the owner brushing regularly between visits.

Full groom prices are tailored for each individual dog and will vary depending on breed, size of dog, coat condition and styling requirements

Please contact me for a personalised quote or Book An Appointment.

full groom vroom2groom


My pricing reflects the convenience of my coming to your door with all facilities on board, a service charge covering fuel costs, van maintenance and insurance.  

Please note ***distances over 10 miles, will incur an extra fuel charge of £1.00 per mile over the 10 miles ***

All my services are tailored to each individual dog. Pricing can vary between dogs even if they are the same breed. This depends on size, styling required, condition of coat.  De-matting and shave off incur extra charges.  (Please see my de-matting policy).

For these reasons I prefer not to advertise pricing on the website.  However, due to numerous requests, I have listed a VERY broad outline of my pricing.

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