My pricing reflects the convenience of my coming to your door with all facilities on board, a service charge covering fuel costs, van maintenance and insurance.

Please note ***distances over 10 miles, will incur an extra fuel charge of £1.00 per mile over the 10 miles ***

All my services are tailored to each individual dog. Pricing can vary between dogs even if they are the same breed. This depends on size, styling required, condition of coat.  De-matting and shave off incur extra charges.

(Please see my de-matting policy).

For these reasons I prefer not to advertise pricing on the website.  However, due to numerous requests, I have listed a VERY broad outline of my pricing.

Price List

These are STARTING prices for a full groom. 


  • Mini Yorkie £25
  • Yorkie £30
  • Pomeranian, Maltese, Border terrier (clipped) £35
  • Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Westie, Toy poodle,  Scottie, Cavalier spaniel, Cairn terrier, Mini Schnauzer £38,
  • Cockerpoo £38-48
  • Bichon Frise, Mini poodle, Cocker spaniel,  Welsh terrier,
  • Tibetian terrier £40
  • Springer spaniel, Field spaniel, Labradoodle £45
  • Airedale £50
yorkshire terrier
Airdale Terrier
miniature schnauzer