De-Matting Policy

As stated in the Animal Welfare Act 2006 Clause 5:

“animals are to be protected from pain, injury and suffering”.

When a dog’s coat is seriously matted it can be harmful to your dog.  It can tear the skin, cause infection and cut off blood circulation to the affected areas. Matts can impair your dog’s movement, as many occur in the groin area, armpits, around tails and hygiene areas, making it very uncomfortable and painful for them.

Many owners, when buying certain breeds, do not realise the how much time and effort is required to maintain their coats. Combing and brushing needs to be done on a regular basis and your dog should be taught from a puppy that grooming is part of its daily routine.  Many owners are surprised that their dog is matted as they have spent a lot of time brushing them.  Only to discover they are only brushing over the top and the coat is completely matted close to the skin.  A slicker brush should be used all the way to skin and then comb through the coat to ensure there are no remaining knots and tangles.

At Vroom2Groom your dog’s welfare comes first and if matting is extensive we will not hesitate to remove the coat.  To comply with the law, the safest, most humane way to do this and to cause the least distress to your precious pooch is to shave the coat off.

This can be a lengthy process as many matts are very close to the skin and great care must be taken when removing the coat.  Hence additional charges will be incurred on top of the normal grooming fee.

Vroom2groom will be happy to talk you through the best way to groom your dog and the tools required to keep your pooch matt free.